Pet Healthcare Plans

Here at Anderson’s, we’ve been working on and making changes to our Pet Healthcare Plans to try and make them work better for you.

The last two years have been tough for everyone, and we are still working with the pressures of intermittent veterinary medicine supply which has affected the availability of many of the vaccines which are a staple of our preventative Healthcare Plans. We also realise that finances are becoming more stretched than ever, so a monthly direct debit which takes care of all your pet’s vaccinations and routine parasite treatment costs can be helpful, but it must be worth it for you. Because of this, we have taken the decision to add a free veterinary consultation to each of our plans, to be used whenever you and your pet need it.  


Our convenient Pet Healthcare Plans provide a simple and cost-effective way for you to choose the very best preventative treatment options for your pet. The plans involve a fixed monthly payment by direct debit to cover preventative treatments individually tailored to your pet. These plans combine the convenience of a monthly direct debit with significant discounts when compared with paying as you go.  


PLEASE NOTE that these plans do not replace an insurance policy for your pet, they are intended to provide routine preventative treatment only.

Our Pet Healthcare Plans offer:
Our members also benefit from significant additional discounts including:
Costs for each of our Pet Healthcare Plans can be found here:

Please note that costs for kittens and puppies are based on an estimate of the adult weight of your pet, once your pet has reached adulthood the costs are based on their actual weight. Online application for the plans can be found here, or the application forms can be provided during a visit to our practice.